Indonesia, Emerald of the Equator

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with 18,108 islands – and around 6000 of them are inhabitants– along with its rank as the fourth most heavily populated country in the world. With the large number of population, there are hundreds of ethnics in Indonesia with their own different traditional languages and arts including dances and paintings. There are also varieties of religions in Indonesia, which makes the countries even richer of cultures! Stretching along the equator for more than 5,000 km, Indonesia provides thousands of tourist attractions including Bali and Lombok beaches, temples, and numerous of national parks. And don’t be surprised when you discover different cultures on different islands – our motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika – Unity in Diversity – in which we believe that even though we’re so different one another but we’re united as one Indonesia.

Indonesian people are warm, inviting, friendly and generous. Indonesia has the best food to offer. Indonesia has the best places for you to visit. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, prepare your inner adventurer soul, and we’re waiting for your journey here because Indonesia is calling you.

AIESEC in Indonesia

AIESEC in Indonesia was established since 1984. For over 32 years we have existed and been established in more than 15 cities. Delivering more than 3000 exchange programs every year with more than 2000 active members, we’re so eager to create positive social impact in Indonesia together with you!

Indonesia as a developing country is still struggling in facing its social issues, ranging from environment, education, health, and many more. AIESEC in Indonesia is committed to collaborate with government sector and decision makers in order to achieve Global Goals at 2030 in Indonesia. Therefore, we’re aligning our social projects with Global Goals in order to make our actions relevant to society.

We believe that each experience is unique, and we’re doing our best in order to provide the best and memorable leadership experience for each of our interns. We at AIESEC in Indonesia are inviting you to collaborate with us and make this world better than before, with each experience delivered.

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AIESEC in Indonesia
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