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AIESEC in UNS proudly become one of the entity stand in Indonesia in 2013. Before it become one entity in CentrlaRegion used to be esxpand from AIESEC in UNDIP. Thanks to AIESEC in UNDIP now AIESEC in UNS can stand alone as entity. Since 2013 AIESEC in UNS has run the entity and take care of everythings. since then AIESEC in UNS has make the move to create better impact to the community and the society around and inspire the surrounds. AIESEC in UNS has gain enourmous attention and members, approximately has send more than 50 number of global volunters abroad, 5 local media partners, 96 active members and hunders of alumni.



UNS located in city called Surakarta. Beautiful city located in Central Java with amazing nature and culture blend on the people daily lives. Solo is modern city with a lot of transport options 24 hours for any volunters. Don`t be scared or shy to greed the poeple because people in solo is very famous of being kind and welcome. Solo is very easy to access you can get here with airplanes, train and bus. The Spirit of Java means the city of Solo is a very good example for you to experience such rich culture that has been exist long time ago from ages of kingdom. Solo still has many historical places and arts you can visit for free.


Solo is small yet modern city still need a lot of  concern from us. Therefore, there are projects to show us our care for Solo. the projects are focus on teh environment and entrepreneurship. Come join our movement to make the city of Solo shine more bright and light.

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