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In 2012 in Medan the total amount of individual waste reach 5.307 m3 per day. Most of the waste here were collected and dumped to two main dump station. Ironically, these dump stations still using open-dumping method, which means the waste were only being heaped without any proper process. It gives bad impacts to its surround environment and of course, as the time goes by increasing the demand for dumping land. If people still produce the same amount of waste, in the next 10 years we will need 769 Ha land only for our waste. It is a very ineffective way of handling waste.

Waste Alert project is a 6-week project aiming to be the new advanced movement for society of Prevention, Reduction, Recycling, Reuse (P3R). With substantially reduce waste generation through P3R as the ultimate goal, we plan to achieve the following outcomes through this project.


  1. Study Tour to dump stations, bank waste, local craftsman, and eco-friendly industry as the preparation activities for volunteers to conduct the following weeks sessions.
  2. Online and physical campaigns to be carried out to raise awareness about P3R. For online campaign, we will use our channels such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. There will be also an online based Challenge where public are asked to collect their waste to be deposited to the nearest “Waste Bank”. Road shows will be carried out in schools, colleges, orphanages, and rural areas. International volunteers will be trained by local communities to conduct the sessions.
  3. Go Public is a campaign in public places in order to raise people awareness and also to invite them to final exhibition.
  4. #GrabYourTumbler Movement, this is aimed to advocate for using reusable bottle for drink instead buying the bottled water which ended up being a waste.
  5. Crafts School workshops will be carried out in schools and colleges along with the roadshows to raise awareness among students about the waste and the importance of reducing waste. The students are encouraged to made an innovation handmade things from the trash or waste.
  6. Crafts from Trash Exhibition will be organized, which show handcrafts from waste and available for auction as well. The money will be donated to orphanage or similar community.


  1. You will be trained on current waste management systems and desired waste management practices in Indonesia that the project will drive, knowledge that you will teach back to local community members through activities.
  2. Trash hunting at a land or water based location with people from the local community to clean up rubbish and document the experience.
  3. Work with a local community to design a recycling initiative for the community (e.g. a mural made of recycled materials).
  4. Design a campaign to reduce irresponsible consumption of plastic water bottles and plastic bags through documenting your experience on its negative impact on surrounding land and waters, and the people and animals that live in it.
  5. Participation a cultural immersion + showcasing event and exploration event
  6. Documenting your experience through an activity of the EP’s choice to reflect on your learning


# of community members participating in activities
# Reach of social media posts in the campaign
# of rubbish collected
# of participants reporting changed perceptions and attitudes towards recycling



Week #1 Volunteer clearing for JD and event, study tour

Week #2 Challange opened and also launching for #GrabYourTumblr Movement, both done virtually

Week #3 Four school roadshows and workshops conducted with 3 classes and 30 student each class

Week #4 Two classes college student roadshows and workshops conducted with 40 student each class. 1 orphanage roadshow and 1 rural area roadshow conducted with 50 orphans and 40 children as participants

Week #5 100 photo uploads with hashtag GrabYourTumblr in social media for awareness campaign, at least 50 people join the challange and already deposited it to nearest Waste Bank. 200 public awereness outreach physically through GoPublic

Week #6 Craft Exhibition organized with 10 participating partners, 200 attendances


You will have a weekend which is already organized by AIESEC USU in every Saturday. While in Sunday, you will have almost every weeks in the project, based on schedule time table.



$0 (No Salary Provided)

Provided: Arrival Pick Up, Host Family, 3 Meals Buddy, Accommodation Info


February 6, 2017 until March 19, 2017

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