Atlas Conference

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Semarang, the ATLAS City ATLAS Conference is an induction conference held by AIESEC in Undip, taking place in the city of Semarang. Due to the location, the name came from the metro of Semarang, which is ATLAS, an abbreviation of Aman (safe), Tertib (neat), Lancar (smooth), Asri (beautiful) and Sehat (healthy). Throughout this 3 days […]

Gantari with Surabaya – Health

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Login to Apply  Experience the largest archipelago in the world with 18,108 islands; Indonesia is both harmonious and rich in diversity, equally home to hundreds of distinctive ethnics, exotic wildlife and natural wonders. Gantari, meaning “radiate” in one of our traditional languages, seeks to improve health standards in Indonesia. Through directly interacting with people with [...]

14 Mouthwatering Ambon Cuisine Guaranteed to Make You Feel Like Heaven

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What’s travelling without having cuisine experience? If you’re going to Ambon, especially if you’re joining our Wonderful Ambon project this summer, then you will not want to miss trying these delightful local cuisine of Ambon.   Papeda Papeda is a main dish for Ambonese made from sago. It is eaten together with yellow fish gravy, […]

5 Random Facts About Indonesia That You Cannot Believe Until You See It By Yourself

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This article was taken from Global Indonesian Voice. Visiting a new country certainly brings cultural shocks to foreigners as they get acquainted with a whole new culture, environment, population and lifestyle. Ranging from mild to strong, these cultural shocks could involve discovering things like different meanings for certain actions or words, new products or practices found […]