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Widyawiyata – Big Smile For Makassar 2.0

Widyawiyata – Big Smile for Makassar is a project that aims to help students and orphanages in Makassar to get better education specifically improving their English skill through effective teaching methode.


  • Intern will observe the conditions of some schools & orphanages.
  • Interns will do an observation to students about the way they are studying English in those schools
  • Interns will teach basic English using attractive themes to create fun English environment
  • Interns will arrange fun speak English classes to empwer student to have confidence to speak english
  • Interns will arrange an English Competition to the students in Makassar.
  • You will participate in Global Village (International Culture Festival)

How we measure the impact:

We will measure the effectiveness of the activities to the local communities through surveys to participants about their engagement in our activity

# of people get involved

# of School Roadshow

% of  increased English speaking level

% of increased English Writting level

Saturday Notes

Activity preparation time is included as working hours as we expect you to put in effort to make the best community showcasing and awareness activities.





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