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Role Description

Semarang is the largest city of Central Java Province, it’s a multicultural city with many tourism sites. You can find out more about Semarang in bit.ly/WhySemarang. Even though the growth of SMEs in Semarang is around 2- 3% per year, the local people awareness to its SMEs existence and product are still very low. This project aims to increase the knowledge of local people about entrepreneurship and that it is important to have entrepreneurial outlook to face the ASEAN Economic Community.

Main Activities

  • You will visit local (SMEs) then analyze their current condition and help develop them

  • You will go to high schools and universities to increase awareness about entrepreneurship

  • You and the organizing committee will create an exhibition where SMEs can showcase their business

  • You will create a competition where high school students can submit idea of a new SME.

  • You will do project campaign in city center to increase public’s awareness about entrepreneurship

  • You will participate and showcase your cultural performance in Global Village.

  • You will participate in a 2-day fun team bonding trip to a nearby city with all project members

Working Hours
04:56 am to 08:56 pm
Accommodation covered (Yes)
Accommodation provided (Provided)
Food covered (Not covered)
Weekends (No)
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