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Entrepreneurology Project AIESEC in President University

Come and join us to impact the High School students and people in Bekasi, Indonesia. Have a wonderful activities here by sharing your thought and ideas to the students, recycle trash and make it a useful product, empower the children in the thousand Island,etc. We’re going to make this experience become memorable and we want you to be a part of us!


• Teaching high and Junior high school students about the importance of having an entrepreneurship skills.
• Prepare a presentation about entrepreneurship materials to be presented during the school visit
• Each intern will have the opportunity to lead the other interns and committees to do the activity based on schedule given
• Participating in global village event to promote intern’s culture from country of origin
• Teaching English to unprivileged kids in slum area (occasionally)
• Create publication about intern’s journey during the project (Blogs , instagram feeds, vlogs , etc)
• Teaching culture and basic english for the children in the thousand Island.
• You will facilitate conceptualisation workshops for the Indonesian youth to
conceptualise their businesses ideas based on community needs.
• Visit some villages nearby cikarang area and give a mini seminar to the local people about how to make a product that has a good potential in business.
• You’ll trained the high school students to make an innovation product.


How we measure the impact:

% Exchange participants got educated by Indonesia Mengajar, and can speak the basic of Bahasa
% impcat for giving a workshop to the local people and dig the potential of their village that can give an income to the village itself.
#school workshops conducted with 150 delegates attended
#photo uploads in social media for awareness campaign
#kids in the thousand Island can understand the basic english and diversity cultures.


Saturday Notes

No working on saturday and Sunday (Intern allows to have their vacation only when there’s no schedule and the vacation plan is agreed by the committee.)





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