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Extra Miles 2.0 Aiesec in Unhas

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

This project aims to have volunteers mainly involved in teaching Basic English in the RURAL area where children have a small opportunity to learn English properly with limited teaching materials. Therefore this is a chance for you to bring an impact using your creativity and problem-solving skills.


You will facilitate and motivate the students brave enough to speak english and do an observation for students about the way they are studying English in the school

You will create fun English  environment in the school using attractive themes for students and arrange fun English competition (spellingbee, speech, stroytelling)

You will preparing and providing languange, creative musical, and art lesson

You will participate in Global Village (bringyour country’s stuff)


How we measure the impact:

We will measure the effectiveness of the activities to the local communities through surveys to participants about their engagement with Education

# of  of students participants in the classes

% of  increased English speaking level of students

Saturday Notes

Activity preparation time is included as working hours as we expect you to put in effort to make the best community showcasing and awareness activities.





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