Gantari, meaning “radiate” in one of our traditional languages, seeks to improve health standards in Indonesia. Through directly interacting with people with non-contagious illness and sharing their stories, we aim to improve their emotional well being and reduce the stigma towards illnesses in society. Facilitating activities will be run to the local communities to educate and encourage them towards taking up active healthy lifestyles.

Main Activities

Participate in and facilitate positive spaces (e.g. games) for the people with illness
Fundraise funds for the children to cover the basic needs and purchase items
Execute an activity to local communities on awareness of the illness
Deliver activities to local communities about the prevention of general illnesses
Participation a cultural immersion + showcasing event and exploration event.
Documenting your experience through an activity of the EP’s choice to reflect on your learnings.
Learning Points
Through interacting with minority groups with stigmatised illnesses, you will learn about how the stigma and illness affects the wellbeing of these people. Co-working with other exchange participants and the local Indonesian organising committee means that you will also have the opportunity to develop an understanding of different cultural and working norms and values. You will also be assigned an AIESEC buddy, who will share with you more specifically about the region, city and area in which you will be staying.

Saturday Notes

Activity preparation time is included as working hours as we expect you to put in effort to make the best community showcasing and awareness activities.





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