Global Village

Global Village

Global Village is the biggest celebration of cultures from around the world, you’ll ever see!!
People from many countries showcasing their nations through singing, dancing, food, customs, costumes, music and traditions!

Global village is also exist in AIESEC Brawijaya, where all EPs can gather in one place to share about their culture by presenting it. The EPs are from IGV ADHOC and IGV Project. Even if EPs are placed outside Malang, they’re still obligated to come because it’s a must event for EPs. EPs can present their culture through videos and traditional dance. In Global Village, each EP also got a booth where they can present more about their country and their culture like food and souvenir from their country.

Global village is literally bringing the world under one roof!!!

Global Village is closely related to AIESEC’s vision of Peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential, as it encourages social sustainability, world awareness, and cultural understanding. It revives the general concept of the world being a ‘global village’ and inspires people to understand and appreciate the uniqueness and difference of each other which further contributes to peace


-Performances from interns (dance, song, demonstration,) and interaction with the public.
– Display of souvenirs, photos and magazines and food from the different countries.
-Performance by local Artists

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