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#IWasHere – Happy Kids Winter 2017


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#IWasHere Happy Kids is a Project Based On Exchange (PBox) project focusing on SDG no. 4; quality education and is under the umbrella of #IWasHere campaign of AIESEC Universitas Indonesia. The project will be held for 6 weeks in the heart of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.

Happy Kids is targeting a holistic improvement of quality education in the area. The quality of education not only depends on the materials given, but also the social surrounding in the institution. Statistic shows that 84% of children in Indonesia has experienced harassment in school, namely bullying. This project focuses to help children understand the importance of tolerance and embracing diversity to reduce the rate of bullying and harassment in peer.

You would not only spend your time teaching, but also will be provided with scheduled cultural exploration around Jakarta area. Exploration would be conducted on some days after teaching to museum, traditional markets, or famous landmarks of Jakarta.

Pssst, you will also get to teach in the school where the current president of the US attended during his childhood years. (Hint: not the orange lunatic :p)

Feel free to see the sneak peek of our project last summer at

What kind of experiences that you will get as a EP?


You will experience the fun of teaching in different schools and orphanages each week. The main topic needs to be presented is the importance of tolerance, embracing diversity, and anti-bullying. The outcome is to teach the children that everyone is equally important and that their littlest act of kindness matter.

You will be challenged to invent a fun and creative way of teaching for the children instead of using the boring good-old teaching method. It can be in forms of games, singing, dancing and even do outdoor classes. The underline is to create the most fun atmosphere for you to teach and children to learn.


Fear not, you won’t miss out on the ever so rich culture of Indonesia. On Tuesday and Thursday, we would take you to explore Jakarta. Mosque, churches, museum, theme park, traditional market… you name it. You will also have the chance to learn Indonesian traditional instruments and dances, taste Indonesian traditional cuisine, and Jakarta’s unique public transportation.

3. Click & Share it to the World!

You will be able to spread the impact you make here to the world by spreading your story, photos, and videos on your social media with the hashtag #IWasHere. Your action can inspire everyone viewing, so why not click and share it to the world?

Physical campaign would also be conducted on Car Free Day. On one Sunday morning, you would be able to spread awareness in the usually crowded main roads in central Jakarta as it will close its access to any vehicles. This campaign will be super fun as you will be able to interact with many locals, so make sure you don’t miss this one.

It’s your chance to introduce and showcase your country culture to Indonesian public. It will be held in a public area and open for everyone, so prepare your gear and let the Indonesian public know how awesome your country is! You can bring a lot of stuffs to showcase, from flag, clothes, merchandise, to food and drink (non-alcohol, no pork)

This one-day event will most likely be conducted during weekend and you are presence is essential for the Indonesian public. Guarantee they will be excited to see foreigners like you!

Attend every single event regarding the project held by AIESEC LC UI (Welcoming Party, Incoming Preparation Seminar, LEAD Session) and use the chance to mingle with everyo. Use your time here to build life-long connections

This is the day where you can showcase your culture to kids you teach in school and arrange many games for them. They, in return, will also present their culture and participate on the activities you create. On the last day in each school, it’s a great experience for you to get to know your kids a little better.



Be the voice of reason; “You are precious, and so are they”

Don’t forget to see our booklet:  https://issuu.com/bagasariandana/docs/booklet_happy_kids_winter_2017_fix





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