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Humans of Malang – Hardworking Traffic Man Subianto


Meet Subianto, a really nice local who was born in Malang. He is currently 47 years old,  who is married and has 3 children. The first being the daughter who is 21 years old who works in the IT industry over at Jakarta. Second being a son who is 13 years old that goes to elementary high school. Finally, another daughter who is 10 years old and goes to elementary school. He currently works as a parking and traffic controller over at the entrance of Macdonalds at M.T Haryono for 4 years now.





What makes Malang special to you?

He is most comfortable in Malang by being close to family and friends. But not only that but as well as the living cost in Malang is cheaper than the living cost in other cities in Indonesia as well.

What is your favourite food? 

Pecel, a Javanese salad which is a contains mixed vegetable with peanut sauce as a dressing can come along with steamed rice as well.

“Be careful of life. Stay working hard even if your job is not in highly regarded”

– Subianto



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Johnny Vuong – Australia

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