I Took A 6-Week Volunteer Experience and It All Has Paid Off

Author: Alžbĕta Jančová


This story which I’ll explain is about an unbelievable 6 weeks in Malang in Indonesia. I joined a project where I have to teach children. These children, however, aren’t same like normal children who we meet in normal elementary school—they unfortunately have limits, some of them are deaf, some others are hyperactive, unfocused or with some mental failure. These children live without parents or are underprivileged. Imagine that you have to work with this children, you’d probably say “No, it have to be so hard or challenging.” It surely must be really challenging for the teachers who have to be with these children along school time, but they are really patient on handling them. On other side everything they do, they do it with love. For me, it was so easy and simple when I made my first contact with them.

After the third day, I was so surprised how exciting teaching could be. There was a great feeling when you prepare some presentation about you, your country, and your habits for the children and that they really listened to what you say. Normal children would do something under the table—they probably would play some games on tablet or on their phone. But these children instead making some noise as they started to raise their hands and ask me how I cook this meal, what the ingredients are, and how do I do this habits. At a moment then I came into their classroom and they started greeting me “Hi Betty J”—it meant so much for me.

I have to say that not every day was good and calm or without problem. It’s very hard to make silent in class where you have more like 20 boys in age from 6 to 15. It’s very exhausted to tell them hundred times: “Please boys, can you be quiet only for a few minutes?!”—but, after a moment, the noise came back. On these boys, I had to be really smart. Asking them to join games was very difficult because you never knew what kind of games was fun for them. But there were few days than we played these games across our time. The feeling I experienced when I went back home and these boys told me: “Thank you Betty.”—I knew that my efforts have paid off.


Alžbĕta Jančová was a volunteer from Czech Republic for Enlighten the Future Project 2015, Malang, Central Java. Indonesia is calling you to create impacts for Indonesian children just like Betty did, will you answer the call?

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