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#IWasHere embrACE Project – AIESEC in Universitas Indonesia

Creating impact to Jakarta and around under the campaign of #IWasHere, AIESEC in Universitas Indonesia is now coming with the whole new package of Global Volunteer programs establishedwith one organization (Ad Hoc) through embrACE project. Along with #IWasHere campaign since 2014, AIESEC in Universitas Indonesia has covered the area of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, and Bekasi with 16 schools and organizations as our project partners. embrACE project is now ready to create more impact to societies in Jakarta through showcasing cultural diversity experience of our exchange participants to Indonesian students.

Cultural diversity is a uniqueness that sticks to Indonesia and we warmly welcome young people from any part of the world to share and enlighten our children and teenagers from 6-18 year old about the beauty of embracing cultural diversity. In this project, exchange participants¬†will showcase their culture and initiate, encourage the pupils to speak English through creative sessions in class. Exchange participants will facilitate students in class to speak English by showing presentations, music, games, focus groups, and become teachers’ assistants in order to attract them to be confident to speak English.¬†

Job Descriptions:

  • Stimulate students’ interest in speaking English through creative sessions in class
  • Facilitate students to learn basic language and culture by being their speaking partner
  • Participate in schools’ activities such as extracurricular session and sports
  • Present and showcase the culture of interns’ home country
  • Support AIESEC UI campaign by sharing pictures, stories, and videos on social media
  • Promote AIESEC UI campaign by using hashtags #IWasHere #LeavingImpact in social media posts
  • Participate in AIESEC UI activities such as Interns Cafe and Tour de Jakarta

What We Provide?

  • Accommodation (Dorm/Host Family)
  • Meal (1 per day)
  • Arrival Pickup
  • Interns Cafe with AIESEC in Universitas Indonesia members. Exchange participants will share about their experience in their organization/school as their workplace in the specific week, so that AIESEC members can track their progress and concerns during the project.
  • Tour de Jakarta. Exchange participants will participate in sightseeing activities around Jakarta with AIESEC members, and there will be challenge given to post on social media using hashtag #IWasHere.

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