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#IWasHere – Little Star Summer Project 2017

Little Star #IWasHere is a 6-week project aiming to raise teacher’s awareness about quality education so that they will be able to enhance their quality as a teacher. We aim to expand their way of thinking by exposing them to international environment and providing the examples of innovative teaching.

What should you expect from this project?


You will conduct teaching sessions in public or underprivileged schools around Depok about multicultural education, such as the importance of diversity in our life, social skills, tolerance, how to respect other people, and also teach them English as a bridge to connect children with people from other countries.


You will participate in training for the teachers by showing the teachers methods that can be effectively used in teaching English and multicultural education to the kids. Teaching sessions will be followed by evaluation sheets that will be given to the parents and teachers about development of the students. They will also help the speakers that will train the teachers.


You will show their cultures in each school at the end of teaching week called Mini Global Village, so that the kids can directly witness the difference between them and international volunteers. Also, all international volunteers from all projects of AIESEC UI will participate in Global Village, which is a showcase of their culture. They will have country booths where they can showcase traditional souvenirs, postcards, flags, food, etc and also do a traditional performance to showcase their culture.


You will have chances to explore museums and tourism sites in Jakarta and its surrounding areas for every single week during the stay where you can experience Indonesian culture, food, environment. Furthermore, we are also going to have a week off for holiday to another city.

Little Star Team Day

Days during the stay will not be getting bored as we are also going to have “Little Star Team Day”. The day will be filled with fun games and a lot of adventure and you will be divided into teams which will certainly strengthen the bonding between the international volunteer with OCs, EP Buddy, and host family.

Click & Share it to the World!

You will participate in physical and virtual campaign that aims to raise people’s awareness about the importance of teachers’ quality and also as a fundraising for underprivileged schools in Depok to support education for children. This campaign will use #IWasHere and will be shared throughout strategic social medias, such as instagram, twitter, facebook. #IWasHere is an umbrella campaign of global volunteer, organized by AIESEC Universitas Indonesia since July 1st, 2014. All the established programs will be referring to this campaign, and the interns working in the programs have to be supporting this campaign in order to make the world aware of the impact created by global volunteer program.

Expected work schedule
09.00 – 14.00





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