Malang’s 5 Most Interesting Place to Visit

When you visit and read some list of the best place to visit in a country or a region, the locals probably wrote it. Even though there is nothing wrong with locals writing about the best place to visit. A review written by the locals is sometimes biased. You probably would want to see into the other perspective, the perspective of our Exchange Participants (EP) from This Is My Indonesia (TIMI) Project. Where they spend their time in doing their project by visiting the most interesting place in Malang. They also visit its surrounding region and then write a story about them. So, what do our EP think about Malang and its place of interest?


Museum Angkut


If you are into cars, especially high-class old cars then trust me you need to start packing and come to Malang. In the Museum Angkut located in Batu, you will find the biggest most beautiful collection of old cars. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered the place. You will get lost in the beauty of design, color & engine of each car. The collection expresses part of a comprehensive worldview that illustrates the development of industry in general. And of course the automobile industry in particular. It’s not only cars; you will also find horse and cow carriages, motorbikes, bicycles, and even planes in the museum.

The place was very packed with family, young children and teenagers. It’s value for money if you want to have family time. Explore the history of transportation which good for the children. Enjoying value local cuisine. And the best for me as well as my favorite is the the Pasar Apung. A market where you can play, eat and go shopping for local souvenirs from countries around the world.

– Farida Hesham from Egypt



Mount Bromo


Mount Bromo is a very attractive volcano, which is on the elevation of 2329 Meters above sea level. It’s located in East Java, Indonesia. The most important thing in Mount Bromo you should never miss is the sunrise over the top of this mountain. But you should go there from the midnight in order to see the sunrise in the early morning. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to get there. You can go there by motorcycle or car, that have power enough to climb the steep mountain road. But if you cannot find the transportation for it, you can rent a Jeep that can carry up to 5 or 6 people. There are so many curvy road to get to the top and it is really high. But as you might know, the hard course will take you to the most beautiful place.

When I, myself, got the top of mountain, I feel like I was dreaming about being in paradise. But it was real, not just a dream because I made it real. And remember you can do it as well. Not seeing the view from the top of the mountain but you will be go to bottom of mountain to see another mountain near by the volcano that full of green landscape. As my own experiences been there, I’m really recommend this place for tourist as well as traveller who love exploring. It is like I can explore and get the various feelings at the same in just one particular place, which is Mount Bromo. In the end, Just travel to Malang and then you can see Mount Bromo and your dream to see paradise will become true.

– Monita Puth from Cambodia



Banyu Anjlok


Malang is no denying natural beauty is so exotic and has a very cool air, as well as hidden natural attractions still up for grabs in this city. Banyu Anjlok is one example, where there is a waterfall tour in the district of Malang Regency Tirtoyudo or precisely in Hamlet Lenggoksono Purwodadi has recently become a lot of public discussion. Banyu Anjlok is very cool because waterfall located on a cliff where the water fell into the sea. Although the road taken to get to the tourist attractions Banyu Anjlok is not easy but when I arrived at the location, all my tiredness and fatigue faded away when its amazing natural beauty that deserves thumbs up. The moment when I can taste the salt and fresh water at the same time and I can play with the water fall and also swim in the sea. It is like a paradise on this planet.

– Monita Puth from Cambodia



Jodipan Village

Jodipan Village Malang 

The Jodipan Village is located in Malang City, which is the amazing colorful Village. These buildings of the village were so old due to the fact that this district was poor as well as the people living in there. However, there are a group of students from the University of Malang who came up with a new idea. An idea to make their village competitive to others and they want to improve standard of living of the people living there.

In doing so, they collaborate with paint company to repaint the old building with different color and with special designs. The thing that makes Jodipan Vilage unique is that some of the the graffiti and mural art were designed and painted by the disability. Other than that, several artists also helped in making the colorful painting. The price of ticket only Rp.2000 per person; and the money goes into the improvement of environment around those areas for becoming better. It is a really great place for people who love colorful scenery and also love taking picture.

– Monita Puth from Cambodia



Jawa Timur Park (East Java Park)

Jawa Timur Park is one of the amazing parks in Batu City. As long as you are in Malang, you can travel to Batu so easily, spending about 15- 20 minutes by motorcycle as well as car. If you going by motorcycle, it takes a short time to get there and you can enjoy your road trip with the beautiful landscape of mountains, the road full of trees, and the weather is really nice.

Jatim Park Batu - Malang

The Jawa Timur Park is located in Jl. Kartika No. 2, Kec. Batu, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. The price of the ticket for enter this park is really cheap, Rp.100.000, because the place contains a lot of entertainment attractions, rides and others events that providing attractions meant to cater specifically to certain age groups.

This park not only for having fun and excitement but also providing the basic knowledge for children to learn more beside what they have learned in school. For example, it has Science and Historical Center. You also can ride the mechanized thrill, such as Roller Coasters; Topspin rides in the park as much as you want. Moreover, there is also Water Park for kids playing the slide and also the pools for all ages enjoy swimming and relaxing.

After being there once I feel like it was an unforgettable experience I’ve never had before. I feel like I was being in the fantasy world in reality, so many things that you can explore in this park. There is a saying from my country that said “Hearing and reading other people experience 100 times does not equal to the experience you experience yourself”. So, why wait? Just go for it!

– Monita Puth from Cambodia



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