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ONE SEA – Entrevolution 4.0

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-10-06-43-pmIn Indonesia, the entrepreneurial rate is only 2% of the total Indonesian population which is very low compare to other ASEAN countries. Wiyasa Taruna: Entrevolution aims to increase youth awareness about the importance of being an entrepreneur and how it can support Indonesia economically. Additionally, this project aims to provide insights, improvement, and exposure for the new SMEs.


Research and Planning: Before arriving in Indonesia, interns have to do research about the current situation of entrepreneurship and social businesses in Indonesia, then narrow it to South Tangerang. Moreover, interns will have information related to the TN they will work at. After the research, interns have to submit their plan related to the improvement project.

Learning: Interns will have learning session with learning partner to support the activities during the project

Improvement Project: the activities will be done in SMEs and it depends on the problem or case that are offered by the SMEs

Workshop & Global Village: the final activity is that interns have to create a public event or a workshop together with the SMEs and OCs. The workshop aims to share what interns have learned from the improvement project and increase the awareness of the SMEs. The Global Village aims to raise the awareness of AIESEC as well as to educate people about different cultures

Virtual campaign: during the project interns have to make video and social media postings that related to entrepreneurship insights, the SMEs product/service, the improvement project, and the exchange experience in overall

How we measure the impact:

# SMEs are developed
# employees are educated during the improvement project
# people educated about different cultural heritages through Global Village
# people are reached through virtual campaign

External Links

About South Tangerang: SouthTangerang


Saturday Notes

The cultural exposure to Jakarta will sometimes held on Saturday.






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