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Humans of Malang – Passionate English Lecturer Tomy

Tomy Malang

Tommy Malang

Meet Tomy, a young and humble man who is currently working his way to become an English teacher at Indotara Foundation. He is an 18 year old local who was born here in Malang. Who had only studied English for about 3 months in Indotara Foundation. He dreams on becoming a either a teacher or a lecturer that teaches English at another country like England or the United States.

He belongs to a large family with 9 other siblings with him being the 8th youngest one out of his family. Sadly his father had passed away from bone cancer in April 2016. This was just before Tomy’s national examination in senior high school (similar to the HSC in Australia). He was a religion teacher that taught fiqih at Tomy’s senior high school.


What is a life lesson that you will never forget?

“Don’t forget about your education. You can achieve anything you want with it. Don’t forget your friends and family and be helpful.”

– Tomy’s father.

From March 2016 – April 2016: Tomy’s father was unable to speak to his family due to his condition of bone cancer. He communicated to his family was through writing on a piece of paper.

What makes Malang special to me?

Malang is special to him due to 4 main reasons.

  1. The weather in Malang is cold and not too hot compared to other regions in Malang.
  2. The environment, since Malang is surrounded by mountains there is a constant amount of fresh air here at Malang.
  3. His friends, since the majority of his friends are currently living here in Malang.
  4. The food, since the taste of the food is very good.
What is your favourite food?

Tempe (soybean) and Bakso (Meatball)

“Don’t ever disappoint your parents, because if you lose them. You will know what it means to become a parent.”

– Tomy


Written By:

Johnny Vuong – Australia

This Is My Indonesia Exchange Participant

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