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Johnny’s Adventures – Food Diary – Pecel

Pecel a traditional Javanese salad that is just rice and mixed vegetables with peanut sauce as dressing. It is a very simple dish for anyone to make.

The Pecel I had at Nasi Pecel Pincuk Berkah in Malang. It was amazing since the peanut sauce was the highlight of the dish. By bring all of the flavours in the dish together. Since rice and mixed vegetables naturally do not go well together, but this peanut sauce acts as the bridge so you can enjoy the uniqueness of both worlds. It is also a great meal for an vegetarian since people include soybeans in the meal. Here are some variations of tahu (tofu) and soybeans below:

Tahu Bacem (left), Tempe Jawa (middle) and Mendoan (right)
  1. Tahu Bacem is sweet tahu (tofu). I was surprised on how sweet it was.
  2. Tempe jawa is soybeans that are compressed into a bar.
  3. Mendoan is deep fried tahu (tofu).

It is a definitely a must try to have when travelling in Indonesia. Since it is a simple rice dish to learn to make when you are back home. It has now made me keen to know how the Indonesian people make their own peanut sauce.

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Johnny Vuong – Australia

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