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Johnny’s Adventures – Food Diary – Pentol



Pentol (bulb) is a type of snack that can found in Malang. It can range from a number of pentols on a stick with some flour on it. It is usually best eaten when cooked over the fire. Pentol can usually be found in restaurants or in some street food stores in Malang.

Pentol of charcoal

Pentol grilled over charcoal

There can be different variations of pentol like a tahu (tofu) where the pentol is stuffed inside the tahu. Also to note there might be slight variations in taste due to every seller makes their own peanut sauce. An example is Roger’s peanut sauce is slightly sweeter peanut sauce than others.

The sauces

Peanut Sauce (Left), Soy Sauce (Middle), Chili Sauce (Right)

I would definitely recommend trying Pentol at least once to see if you like the mixture of the pentol with peanut sauce with or without chili.

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Johnny Vuong – Australia

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