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Raza Story, Happy Kids 2016

Hi, My name is Raza. I’m from Pakistan


I was selected in 5 opportunities in 3 countries, including China, Egypt and Indonesia. I chose Indonesia because of various reasons. I’m a Muslim and Indonesia is a Muslim country so I figured I’ll easily have halal food over there. Also, back in high school I heard that in Indonesia, it rained everyday so I was curious to see that land. So in short, I came over here and then came a series of events which made one of the best trips of my life.

I love the fact that Indonesians were intrigued of my large height (I AM ABOUT 6 FEET 4) and of my thick beard 😀

I became part of one of the best projects, AIESEC could’ve possibly given me. Why it was the best project? Because it gave me so much to learn, it equipped me the skills to never give up – have confidence in life and make pleasant memories from people from all over the world.

Sure we had problems but the best part was, how we overcame those obstacles. “#IWasHere Happy Kids 2016” made me better and more productive than my yesterdays.

In my country, usually maids clean up the house and wash clothes. When I came here, it was new for me to wash my own clothes, cook food etc. Because in Pakistan, parents and maids do all these type of things…I learned gradually. Now in Pakistan, people praise me for these skills and sometimes jokingly say that “Raza! Your future wife would be very lucky to have you” Ha – Ha!!!

Raza and his EP buddy

In addition to that, I met someone who gradually became very close to me. I’m thankful to God for giving me chance to produce a positive change in someone’s life. And that led me to a statement that if I could do that – everyone could do that.

I now firmly believe in the concept of “Be the change you want to see in the world”

When I meet people from my everyday life, I tell them that I treat Indonesia as my second home. Too much love – too many memories. Each person of the project was special to me and I often think about them in my daily life.





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