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Humans of Malang – Roger The Small Business Owner

Roger and Johnny

Meet Roger, a business owner and father of 2 children. The eldest one is 5 years old and the younger one is 3 years old. He been operating his business 25 years now. In 2005, he inherited his father’s Soto (type of soup) business. Now he currently operates two businesses here in Malang. One that sells Siomay and the other that sells Pentol. He is currently 30 years old born and raised in Malang.

What makes Malang special to me?

There are three things that makes Malang special to him. The first being the weather in Malang. Since it is cooler than other cities in Indonesia. Second is the food since there is always corn rice in Malang, which is his favourite food. Finally, being close with family and friends. Since Malang is his hometown.

Where to find his business?

He usually sells his Pentol at Brawijaya Unveristy from 5pm till he runs out of stock. He just loves the area since there are so many hungry uni students that will buy his food.

“Give respect to people who are lower than you”

– Roger


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Johnny Vuong – Australia

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