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Johnny’s Adventures – Sedaer River Tubing

On the 4th of December 2016, I went to Sedaer River Tubing with This is My Indonesia Project volunteer. The location is located an hour away using motorbikes from Plaza Araya in Malang city center. River Tubing, or Tubing as the instructor said is some kind of rapids rafting with a twist, it’s without raft. But instead you use a used car tire tube inflated with air and just flow with the water currents.

The Sedaer River Tubing Sign

Sedaer River Tubing Sign

Even-though there is no paddle to control your direction in the rapids, there is ropes placed around the tube to help assist you with your balance against the rapids. There will be also be a team of people to assist in your Tubing journey. Because Tubing is somewhat thrilling for some people, several assistants is placed at critical stations. Their job is to ensure your safety by assisting you at these critical stations by slowing you down and positioning you to the right direction.

Don’t Let The Waves Makes You Fall

My first Tubing experience is really fun and surely adrenaline pumping. Its all because from doing a front flip on the water, falling 2 to 3 times and even having my tube punctured by a bamboo stick. But it is still definitely a worthwhile experience to have gone through. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has not tried Tubing yet to have a go,


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Johnny Vuong – Australia

This Is My Indonesia Exchange Participant

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