Summer Experience in Malang


Khuat Thi Nghoc Anh or we usually call Summer, is one of our Exchange Participant from Vietnam. It’s the first time Summer doing a volunteer project. As a Vice President of TM in Vietnam, Summer really interesting to going a volunteer project, so after finish her planed, she take the opportunies!

Summer begin her journey in indonesia in February, she got picked up by a lot of aiesecer with excitement , seeing a lot of joyful face from their faces, she knows that this journey is going to be amazing for her.

Her journey is getting more fun when the project started, she met a lot of student with a lot of funny personality and cute faces of course, it was a lot of fun then she found her favorite gang in the school.

Witnessing the election of our LC’s future president is also one of her best of the best experience, because she is also an aiesecer, it is so much fun for her to hearing the candidates motivation for making the entity to be better.

Not only going for project , she also taste indonesian food, explore a lot of wonderful places in indonesia, and she really fell in love at the view of the beach in indonesia, she said it was marvelous. She really like a meditation, usually she also spends her time in indonesia for meditation, she said that indonesia is a very best place for meditation.

It was a very fun experience until the time has come for her to leave and it was sad , ” i would do it all over again in a heartbeat” she said with a sad feeling because she has to left this amazing country. But after all it was fun experiencing , being able to explore nature , passion, experience for 6 weeks is of best experience that she will never forget for the rest of her life.

“Aku sayang kamu Indonesia.” – Summer.

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