Wiyasa Taruna [Tourism Project 2.0]

By 2030,devise and implement polices to promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products

 Role Description:

South Sumatera boosting the economic growth through tourism and also striving for sustainable tourism itself to support ASIAN Games 2018 by making Palembang as MICE and sport tourism center. Moreover, South Sumatera now focusing on natural tourism in some regencies. South Sumatera has all the potential, now lets get involved in development of South Sumatera Tourism and feel the  beauty of nature among the color of heaven in the earth of Srivijaya. Support #WonderfulSriwijaya #RoadToASIANGames2018

Main activities:

  • -Representating solution to increase tourism center to local people of South Sumatera
  • -You will showcase your country in “Festival Sriwijaya 2017”
  • -You will exploring several regencies in South Sumatera and discover “The Hidden Heaven”
  • -You will have language, culture, tourism, photography and marketing class
  • -You will visiting lot of tourist sites then make in promotional tools
  • -You will get tourism workshops from bureau of culture and tourism of South Sumatera
  • -Campaign to make sustainable tourism in order to supporting economic growth
  • -Do analysis to support South Sumatera tourism potential
  • -You will become an icon. So, you will represents South Sumatera tourism to local and international
  • -You will spread impact to locals and for South Sumatera itself
Selection Process:
Exchangers who applied to this opportunity would be processing by matching team and you must attach the curriculum vitae and your contact, then matching team will conduct an interview to do selection process.
Further Information :
The Ampera Bridge

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