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UNS Wiyasa Taruna Entrevolution 5.0

Join the movement to build resilience infrastructure in the diverse communities, promote inclusive ideas about entrepreneurship and facilitating youth through experience with our local community. Solo, the spirit of java is a city placed in the heart of Central Java, Indonesia. Surakarta is avisual representation of modern world meets with traditional. While still evolving it`s course to be one of the most vibrant and modern city in Indonesia.

Main Activities


  • Deliver activities to local communities about entrepreneurship
  • Participation a cultural immersion and showcasing event and exploration event.
  • Documenting your experience through an activity of the EP’s choice to reflect on your learnings
  • Visiting high schools in local area to campaign entrepreneurship by giving education and doing activities together
  • Observing and interacting with local business in local area to solve their problem and improve the potential



AIESEC UNS located in Solo City, Indonesia. Famous as a city that is fiercely proud of its javanese traditions, this regal city is known throughout Indonesia as a strong upholder of Javanese culture. A visit here is a chance to feel the traditional and modern vibes at the same time. You can visit the old market, palace building, tea plantation, waterfall, and also china town.

Learning Point

The experience you’ll go through will develop your leadership skills in a different ways : –

  1. Through dealing with other people around the world, you will enjoy taking responsibilities to make your enviroment become a better place and more aware about the world issues.
  2. Throug your positive contribution especially entrepreneurship cases, you will encourage other people, improve their bussiness awareness and achive a bigger purpose
  3. You will find solutions in every challanges in your environtment and encourage you to become a problem solver on decision making


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