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Widyawiyata-Volunteer with Global University


Experience the largest archipelago in the world with 18,108 islands and hundreds of ethnics with their own different languages and arts. UIN Alauddin Makassar is the Islamic state university that has nine faculties which give attention to literacy, health, law and Islamic study. The university focuses on the development of the students to be global mindset.


1. You will arrange fun English speaking and pronunciation practice classes for the students, to empower them to have the confidence to speak conversational English.
2. You will teach basic English through designing and facilitating fun English games (or other methods) to the students.
3. You will arrange an English Competition (spelling bee, scrabble, storytelling, etc.) and test in the end of the project based on the topic of education during the exchange
4. Participation a cultural immersion + showcasing event and exploration event
5. Documenting your experience through an activity of the EP’s choice to reflect on your learning.
6. You should also focus on making your lessons interactive and creative, with presentations and activities that will attract the attention of the students
7. You will participate in a Global Village with all the trainees of the project; bring all the things you love about your country (food, souvenirs, clothes, typical drink, flag and a cultural PPT). Global village in LC UNHAS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02qyFhvPI_o
8. You will join in an event in Saturday ‘teaching and traveling’ (every 2 weeks)

How we measure the impact:

# of students participants in the classes or workshops
# of students participating in the English competion
% of average test or exam result improvement






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