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Wing Story, China

Meet Wing, a highly-enthusiastic upcoming Exchange Participant from China

21 years old college student from Guangdong, China. Taking her first opportunity to create impact in Indonesia

We always say we are living in a world without borders. But I would say borders still exist, and I am going to be the border-breaker

Why did you want to join this project?

I want to join Happy Kids because I hold a firm belief – happiness transcends races and religions. For myself, I, a little folk, want to weave my adventurous story with kids and companions from different backgrounds, to embrace cultural diversities, to make a difference to both kids and myself. Even though so small a person i am, I know that, I, with my companions and Happy Kids, can make the earth shake.


What do you expect from this project?

I expect, from this project, that I can enrich my teaching experience and enhance multicultural understanding and tolerance. For children, I expect that I can plant the seed of happiness in their heart and together experience Chinese culture and Indonesian culture.

And certainly, precious friendship would be the most memorial treasure of this project.

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