Entrepreneurship Project

Youth Entrepreneurial Project 3.0

This project aims to ignite Indonesians as socially responsible entrepreneurs by providing them a challenging and suppor*ve space to design scalable solutions to existing problems in their community. The exchange participants, bringing in learnings from Indonesian SME and their own countries, will support and mentoring the participants to build ideas. The success of this project will be determined by the amount of business ideas being implemented following the program and aotudes of participants towards entrepreneurship.


  1. Through accompanying students on company visits to SMEs that contribute a social cause, you will learn about the operations and designs of successful business in Indonesia.
  2. Taking learnings from the company visits, you will deliver education to students about the excitement of trying to find solution to problems through being innovative and taking action.
  3. You will facilitate conceptualisation workshops for the Indonesian youth to conceptualise their businesses ideas based on community needs.
  4. You will assist in coordination and staffing of a promotional and showcasing event of the student ideas to the community.
  5. Participation a cultural immersion + showcasing event and exploration event
  6. Documenting your experience through an activity of the EP’s choice to reflect onyour learnings

How we measure the impact:

Measuring of Success :

# of community members participating in activities

# Reach of social media posts in the campaign

# of SME develop

# of participants reporting changed perceptions and attitudes towards business activity

Saturday Notes

Activity preparation time is included as working hours as we expect you to put in effort to make the best community showcasing and awareness activities.





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