Youth Entrepreneurial Project 3.0

Hello my name is Dounia. I am a student of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Belgium. I was one member in AIESEC in Belgium, where I go in the Business and Development department as a manager. I really like to follow the activities in AIESEC, because I feel that AIESEC is one organization where I can develop my skills in accordance with the passion that I have. However, I think there is one experience that I need to apply immediately the knowledge that I get. In the end I decided to follow the Global Volunteer program, which, I believe through this program, I’ll get a story that complements my experience in AIESEC.

In the end I decided to follow the activities of the Global Volunteer in summer 2016. Then I decided the project with the issue of the Entrepreneurship project. I consider that the project is consistent with what I have learned during this time and I want to apply. When I was looking for a project with the theme of Entrepreneurship, I find it in Lampung. Then I decided to take a Youth Entrepreneurial Project 2.0 in Lampung. There is little doubt when I wanted to enroll in this project, because I know the country of Indonesia but I do not know whether Lampung, how things work, how the people there, how the behavior there, that which I can find, what can I visit, but which is my belief as a AIESECer is all AIESEC program will be the Greatest Project Ever.

The first day I came in Lampung. I just feel like in another world where the situation is very different from my country. Then I convinced myself, that “Dounia this is it, you enter new level in your world adventure began. Then I was very happy to meet with the Indonesian people who welcomed me very well. They were immediately greeted me with a warm smile kepadadan I feel once on my trip were so exhausting lost. Then I got home that I will live, I saw the house was great and I’m sure I would feel comfortable there, and I am very happy because the people who lived in it was very friendly to me. I immediately presented a wide variety of delicious food, they say that the typical food of the Indonesian state, we call it as satay. I’ve tried in my country, but the price is relatively expensive, therefore I was moved welcomed by the food which I think is relatively expensive.

I started running this project activity. On the first day I followed Incoming Preparation Seminar, which in this activity I know more about the activity I would perform in this project. Honestly I feel that the seriousness of this project was made because of the timeline that was made in this project is very dense and highly related to one another. Then later on the day, walking where the city held on this occasion I was actually invited to get around in the city of Bandar Lampung and determines how public transport there and visit some places that became the center of activity in Bandar Lampung. I am very happy at all because in this activity I can interact directly on surrounding communities. Many people who ask for photos together, they call me “Bule”, which initially made me wonder what they mean, but when I asked it turned intention is call foreigners in Indonesia, and it made me as an artist at the time.

In the next week I visited a few entrepreneurs in Lampung. I analyzed the operational level in the self-employment. I visited several different entrepreneurs, I visited the entrepreneurs engaged in food, advertising, and clothing with material from traditional fabrics Lampung. For me entrepreneur that I visit quite interesting, where the business has a unique and problems beirbeda but besides that they also have the power of its own in maintaining the business that they should have. Then I present them and give them a feedback which is about Strange, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats they will face. Then I also visited a company that is the largest in Indonesia engaged in the manufacturing of SIM Card Mobile which I think is quite advanced in this modern era. In this case I learned that in creating an advanced business not only passion but takes patience and consistent high for developing their business.



In the third week this is the most I wait a week, because this week I will be interacting with high school students at Francis Bandar Lampung. My first day was very welcome, they all greet sayadengan innocent and cute. In this day I can share my story about the culture of my country. However, that’s my job is to help them to be bold in creating a business, even though it is simple. Initially I think it will be difficult to start it all, but I was surprised karenahasil their work very satisfying even the products they Make a beyond my expectations. They make dolls, they make a pillow to sleep on the trip, and they provide bags made of fabric float, they make a drink out of wood, and even prints of images from wood, other than that they also make food that I think is very tasty and different from the usual , ingga finally I was confused to choose who will be the winner in this race. Momment most sad is when I have to [ergi of this school, 3 weeks I spent in this school, but I feel that the emotional bond between us is very strong, even they memberika beberpa stuff that I think is very valuable, there is one student who gives pillow where he said: “Miss, you can use this pillow to accompany you when traveling on a plane” a girl. Very touching me.

Do not forget this week I visited an orphanage where in this orphanage I found a lot aak children who have strong fighting spirit in life. Although they do not have the parents but they keep smiling in the running life that is far from enough. I know I have not much to be grateful for it.


This is the week of extremely tough for me, because this is the last week I was in Indonesia. Perhaps initially tough for me, I think it will be felt long but it all out of my estimate. It seemed I had just arrived in Indonesia, but three days later I had to go back my country. When I had to part with the students in my school, when I have to leave a souvenir as a memento for my hostfamily. I never thought would be so soon. At the end of this week, there are two major events to be held, namely Entre-Fair and the Global Village. In Entre-Fair students who became winners in the manufacture of simple business will open boothuntuk trade their wares, and in this event also held a talk show together entrepreneurs Lampung with different backgrounds. Even the most awe I was a high school kid who already earn more than 10 million a month. I saw how enthusiastic they are to participate in this project, and this makes me even more amazed by them.

Next is a global village where in the event you open a booth to showcase the culture of each country. I really like this show, because the show is so exciting and a lot of people are asking about the culture of my country Milki. Many of those who asked for a photo with me, tempting food that I made, and they all told me that I did not return to my country.

Then this is the last time most heavy in my life. Where today a farewell party for me. I will leave Indonesia, a farewell ceremony was celebrated at a cafe near my house. There we sing together, wrote last pesar together and dance together. Thanks to all of you who have helped me in finding a story that’s very, very valuable. Hopefully, what we intertwine and live together will not be interrupted until here.

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